The Modern Way To Invest In Real Estate
We make real estate investing simpler, more transparent, and accessible to individual investors. We want you to come along and win together with us because at Legacy Street Rei we have combined experience, partners and long standing relationships combined with proprietary technology to deliver to you the opportunity to invest in A+, professionally managed real estate opportunities.

The Legacy Advantage

We Invest our capital with yours. Every day we profit together as our team makes decisions to optimize each real estate investment. This is what we do and we love it.


With multifamily investing, you decrease your risk and increase your returns. Diversify for Cashflow with recession-resistant multifamily.


Become a partner with as little as $20,000

Completely Passive

Legacy’s vertical integration includes combining a real estate investment firm with the best in class for every asset when it comes to due diligence, underwriting, financing, property management & construction.

Increased Tax Benefits

Many of our real estate investments have large tax deductions which result in an 80%+tax shield.
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